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Re: [IP] Re: "regular" pop

So no native New Englanders have mentioned our name for the fizzy stuff -
tonic!  I actually don't call it that too often anymore, too many people
don't understand it.  Plus I went to college out of state and lost many
of these little quirks.

but on the topic, my kids aren't diabetic (8 and 6) and I am glad they
don't like tonic (soda, whatever).  They do drink more juice than the
recent AAP guidelines, which is also full of sugars.  But they drink milk
at all meals and drink water during the day also.  I know how hard it is
to influence the eating habits of kids and I don't remember the age of
the kid in the original note, but I would try to steer him towards
flavored fizzy water and unsweetened iced tea as the first tier of thirst
quenching drinks, then 100% juices and gatorade types for the infrequent
category, at least there is some benefit to them, like during a sports
game, and then soda either sweetened or not as a last resort.  But I
wouldn't forbid anything, make it a choice he can have sometimes, if he
chooses to waste his calories on it, had teach him how to handle it, like
drink it slowly, do a lot of testing, etc, if it turns out to spike his
sugar! and have other undesired effects.  If I'm going to have a drink
loaded with carbs, I'd rather have a pina colada or a frappe.*


*known to others as a milkshake, order a milkshake here and you might not
get ice cream in it :-0
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