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[IP] Re: Regular Pop consumption...

Hi all:  I have followed this trail and no one has mentioned something about
"real" pop.

(Here in Canada we have always called it pop?!)

Anyway, with pop in a can or bottle it is one thing to count the carbs to
cover, but in many restaurants and some convenience store they serve fountain
drinks.  These are mixed by the managers/workers etc. and can vary in the
ACTUAL sugar content.  If they add more syrup to the mix it would be a lot
higher in content and if they held back a bit, it would be not as much carbs.

 I know this as my hubby is a Slurpee connosieur (LOL!) and he will go to
several 7-11's before picking the machine with the most Coke syrup added.  It
is darker in appearance.  Pathetic...

Anway, due to this, I avoid giving our son real pop unless the can or bottle
says the exact carbs per serving.  Why wonder when you can always drink juice
or water or diet???  Then there is room for a chocolate bar or treat of some

Take care.

(son 5, dx @ 2, pumping 9 months)
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