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Re: [IP] update on link between A1C and BG average

Yes, John, it seems that it behaves more like a normal chemical 
equilibrium, with glucose combining and coming off.  I haven't seen 
the paper, which should be in the meeting proceedings, but I talked 
with the primary author, Dr. Chris Saudek.
  Lots of docs tell their patients the existing folklore that once it 
is bound it is permanent, but this seems not the case.  There's 
actually not a lot of research on this, and more research is clearly 
needed.  I suspect too that, since how the A1C is actually determined 
is not a critical factor in diabetes management, it will be years 
before this more correct interpretation makes it into the textbooks 
and physician training.  If ever.    Just knowing lower is better 
seems all that most docs need to say.
- -wayne

>>>>>>>>>   Also new research being
>presented at next month's ADA meeting clearly shows that glycated Hb
>is undergoes chemical exchange, so that lower BG will decrease that
>bound to the red blood cells.

Have you seen the paper?  I would suspect, then, that with lower bg, glucose
would get unbound from all other proteins as well as from Hb?  Is this the
John Kinsley<<<<<<<<
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