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[IP] New Pumper Mom needs help

My daughter started pumping about a week and a half ago.  She is 5 years old
and using the minimed 508, and the quicksets.  As far as blood sugars we are
on a roller coaster.  Right now I am strictly counting carbs until we get her
basals and boluses straightened out.  It seems to me like she is having
absorption problems, and I want to know what could be causing this.  We are
changing the site every 48 hours on the advice of the cde.  She has had many
high blood sugars in the 300-450 range.  I will bolus the correction, and then
I was told to recheck her in an hour to see if there was a drop in her blood
sugar.  After an hour there is never a significant drop, even 2 hours after
the bolus there is still usually not much of a drop.  Then about 4 hours after
the correction she will have a low in the 40-50's.  Right now we are using the
belly.  We tried her butt but there wasn't much fat and the cannula would
crimp, so we went back to the belly.  Even in her belly there is not much fat
to insert into.  Using yesterday as an example at noon her sugar was 165 (1.0
unit bolus), then at 3pm it was 241(1.0 unit bolus).  I changed the site 4pm
because it had been almost 48 hours and the blood sugar had risen.  Yes, I did
prime the tubing and also primed the .5 units to fill the cannula.  At 6pm her
sugar had risen again to 287(3.0 unit bolus), then at 8:30 she was 425!!!(2.5
unit bolus), then I rechecked her at 9:30 she was down to 126, 11pm she was
138, midnight 95, and by 2am she was 50!!!!!Her basal  overnight is only set
at .2.   Now I'm afraid we are going to have a repeat today.  She was 124 when
she woke up and ate breakfast, had a 4.0 unit bolus, and by 10am was 320.  I
would appreciate any ideas, or advice you might have for me.  If anyone has
any ideas what the problem might be please let me know.  I am on digest so a
personal reply to my email would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Mom to Emily 5, dx 10-00, pumping since last week!
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