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Re: [IP]Julie- Multiple kids- was RE:The Arrival of BabyZilla!

I have 3 adult children. I have been Type I since a kid. All my children so
far don't have diabetes. I have 3 grandchildren-all 3 have diabetes on both
sides of their familiesbut they are infant-toddler age.  i couldn't tell you
what my A1C was because there were no such tests at that time. My first 2
were 7.5 pounds, 7.12 pounds and last one was 9.15 pounds. No c sections.  I
don't know why diabetes happens for some and not for others but I had other
health problems too but I would have my children all over again-such a
love -a blessing-and I didn't have the technology everyone has today. I'm
just 51 yrs old-I'm dealing with a lot more health problems that affect me
then the diabetes does.
But everyone has to make their own choices. I just know I am in love with my
choices and would never have changed anything. There are no quarantees in
life. Celebrate your life!