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email @ redacted wrote:
> Well, I'm pumping and i choose NOT to drink regular pop or Kool-Aid, etc,
> because of the rapid spike in my sugar.  That stuff hits you really fast and
> the bolus doesn't work as quickly.  I don't know about everyone else, but
> when I get a jolt like that, I feel terrible!

I've found that when I drink regular pop on an empty stomach, it does
spike quick and high. But when I drink it with a meal, the speed is
moderated by the other foods I've eaten.

However, MY reason for not drinking regular pop is that it has a lot of
empty calories -- I'd rather EAT my carbs than drink them! In my case,
this applies to things like fruit juices, too -- I'd rather eat an
orange or an apple than drink OJ or apple juice. 

As far as the child wanting to eat sugary foods -- I think that
forbidding those foods makes them more attractive -- my parents didn't
allow sugar or desserts in the house, and man, oh man, that cotton candy
looked SO good when we went to Disneyland! 

Predictably, I gorged on sugar when I got into my 20's and realized that
my parents weren't in control any more. I think that did me some good,
actually -- once I reached my 40's I just didn't want sugar any more.

At this point, I don't eat high concentrated carb stuff very often,
because it spikes my BGs. And the icky feeling lasts far longer than the
actual high itself. Plus, it's too easy to make a mistake in insulin,
and then I run the risk of a hypo. Which causes an icky feeling that
ALSO lasts longer than the low itself. 

So I'd agree with the person who said, let him try it and take the
consequences once in a while -- and talk about how icky the immediate
consequences are -- that will have more impact on a child than being
told something will happen in the far distant future -- most kids just
can't visualize even 10 years from now. 

Good luck! 
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