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[IP] Bellydancing w/ pump and pump scars


    6 weeks ago I started taking bellydancing lessons and need some advice.
In class and at the studio, I wear Fluffy attached to my skirt and wear my
coin sash over it so it's semi-hidden under the fringe. I usually wear
sils/tenders/comforts in my tummy and not care about people seeing my set or
the pump lumps and scars from previous sets .No one even notices my infusion
set anymore unless it shimmies out:) It's done that quite a bit too! I use
Tegaderm and Skin Prep to keep a set in while I wiggle and camel to the
drums and oud (a Middles Eastern clarinet). It's great exercise!
    This weekend I have been invited to perform a Lebanese folk dance in
Chattanooga and will have to wear my costume in public though and in front
of a mixed gender audience. The costume's a silver beaded and belled
chainmail-like bra over an opaque grey/silver liner and a long black petal
skirt with a black and silver coin sash. Becuase of the coloring and my
coloration, any pink spots on my skin show up BIGTIME, and if I have a
bruise, it looks horrible.

    Does anyone have any cosmetic tips to cover my belly blemishes?

    Do you think anyone would be offended if I did not remove my pump and
simply glittered or used a temporary tatoo on the tape and set to dress it
up? (maybe some rhinestones around it) My husband sees no reason for me to
disconnect and I rarely disconnect for anything but will my pump and set
scare people? I want to look gorgeous, not like a dancin' freak show with
tubes sneaking down my skirt.

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