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[IP] Re: What to do with kids and soda

       My son is an 11 yr. old who has been pumping for 1.5 years. I don't 
know how old your son is but I believe you can compromise about this 
situation. When my son asks about soda or other goodies, I put the 
responsibility back on him. I may say "Its your health and your decision" ( 
We may briefly review the consequences of his decision at that time) He will 
look at me and say" I don't like when you say that"  i.e.. I don't want to 
make this decision I want you to tell me it's okay. Sometimes he had to learn 
the consequences of his own actions, in a safe manner of course, that he 
didn't really feel well after drinking or eating something loaded with carbs. 
He learned that he had to test his sugars more frequently because they ran 
higher due to some of his choices. For the most part, he has learned to 
balance his decisions well for an 11 year old. It is a learning process for 
both of you and sometimes the psychological value of having a soda every now 
and then outweighs the rise in bloodsugar afterwards. Remember he has only 
had the pump for 2 months and I remember my son wanting to try foods he 
couldn't have before when he starting pumping and giving me the same reasons 
why he should have that food. He will learn with your help to balance these 
decisions but I found saying no only made my son's desire for a food, etc., 
increase. It seemed that once he had that forbidden item it wasn't quite as 
great as he thought. I hope this helps. 

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