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[IP] Multiple kids- was RE:The Arrival of BabyZilla!

snip <I was just replying
to Sherry's note (just had my 8th baby myself.)>

Were you serious about having your 8th baby?  All since being dx'ed?  WOW!  
On or off the pump?  I would really like to have 4 or 5 kids- if we ever had 
the money to support them and I could be a stay-home mom- but have always 
been nervous about diabetic pregnancy.  I was told as a teenager that I 
wouldn't be able to have kids at all.  We're not married or finished with 
school yet, so we want to wait 2 years before having a baby, but I can't 
wait.  I would love to hear from any of you who have had multiple dm 
pregnancies.  Any of your kids end up being dm?  What were your average 
A1c's before becoming pregnant?  I know it won't be easy, but I guess I 
would just like some assurance that it is possible and even bearable to the 
point that you would want to do it more than once!  Thanks!
Julie Britt
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