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[IP] Re: sites hurting when bolusing

Whitney said:
>>> I noticed when I bolus the site hurts and burns a bit.  I already changed
the site but what should I do to prevent this from happening again?  I do not
want to waste the insulin every time I change the infusion set.  I wonder why
this happens.  Do any of you know why it hurts when bolusing? > >>

What kind of pump do you have? Some of the pumps deliver insulin much faster
and it can hurt - I think it's because there will be a larger volume over time
in that one spot than with injections. There are several reasons I like my
MiniMed pump, but this alone is a major reason I stick with MM - slower
delivery. Also, Michael will probably pop in here with his theory on
sensitivity to Humalog and how to correct that if that may be the problem.

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