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[IP] hard sites

Dear List,

I've only been on the pump since Jan. 01.  I change sites every 3 days
always rotating to a new site.  Recently, some of the sites have been
hurting, and been a little hard.  My blood sugars have been higher, so I
don't think I'm absorbing the insulin well.  I'm fairly petite so I don't
have a lot of choices for where to put the infusion set.  I don't use my
abdomen because whenever I do, the site starts hurting right away.  I
mostly use the front part of my thighs and the top part of my buttocks.

My question is where do people who are tiny put the sets?  Where do you
parents of little kids put the sets?  I'm afraid I'm going to run out of
sites and then what will I do?

I look forward to your comments.

Janet Ellis, almost 41, diagnosed at 16
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