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Re: [IP] The first week / Was: Something New from MiniMed

At 01:43 5/15/01, you wrote:
>From: "Furbee Kevin" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IP] The first week / Was: Something New from MiniMed
>    I just started my MM508 one week ago, after 8.5 years of daily shots, i
>have to be honest as a 34 year old male who is physically active this thing
>is pretty cool, but at the same time, i still feel like i am connected to

I think that my knowing my pump is there helps me when it comes time to 
plan meals, do some extra exercise etc.  I feel I really want to make this 
work so I put extra effort into it now.

I find when I begin my physical activity (my sport is fencing) I soon 
forget the pump is there, until I take off my equipment.

Have you had any problems with your tape not sticking?

>everyone else talking about a cure, forget that, it is impossible, yes an
>implantable pump is on the way from MM, but the damage already sustained to
>your body from diabetes can never be reversed.  Not to sound negative folks
>but let's not forget the simple fact, we are all diabetic, what you the
>individual can do is minimize the effects of this disease and try and live a
>successful, happy, existence.

>I am probably going to get slammed now,, oh boy!

No slamming here.  I remain hopeful that there will be a cure, but do not 
hold my breath.  I use what I have in front of me now and am thrilled I 
have it.

Good luck with your pump.


Some days are just not worth chewing through the restraints to participate 
in. ;-)
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