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Re: [IP] The first week / Was: Something New from MiniMed

>Are you single or married.  I am just wondering because
>I am single and one of the biggest things I am worrying about is dating.  How
>others (men in particular) will look at this and our new side by side
>companion.  When your married your mate already knows all the pros and cons
>with diabetes but singles are so much more chanllenging with the dating and
>all.  Let me know?

I can't help you with the dating angle as I stopped dating 23 years ago 
when I met my wife.  I can tell you that the only concern she had was the 
clicking on delivery of the basal rate shots at night.  (I am told that the 
new MiniMed pump entering the market next year will not have the 
clicking.)  She got used to that and does not mention it anymore.

>I am so happy for you and I am sure once you get all on
>line with it all, you will be on top of the world.  I can't wait for that
>with me too.  I always have said:  after 23 yrs. of this sweet disease, that
>all I ever wanted was to be as normal as possible like all the rest of the
>people on this planet, well most of them are normal anyway, and I think the
>pump is the closest thing for us right now, so here's to being pretty normal.

Normal...Oh, you mean normal blood sugars!  I was wondering what incredible 
device I have gotten myself which will bestow the curse of being nORMAL on 
me :-)  ;-)

When are you scheduled to start?


It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.

Frank Perdue, Chicken Mogul 
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