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[IP] Younger pumpers

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Resistant endo/brains to pump

I have to argue some of this information, and admitedly, pumping is vastly
different today then it was 15 years ago when pumps were just coming out of
the experimental stage.  But when I was 13 starting a pump, when teens on
pumps were unheard of, my endo was given much grief from her colleagues about
starting me on a pump.  Statements like "Setting her up for failure", "You're
foolish for putting a teenager on a pump", etc. were commonplace.  But the
bottom line is that I was ONLY 13 years old.  I teach 13 year olds every day
and am appalled at their lack of knowledge.  But I can say that the operation
of an insulin pump does not require a huge amount of brains.

Pumping does, however, take a lot of persistence and desire for it to work.

<< It is true that the patient must be highly motivated and have the brains
 and time and money for the pump BUT it is #1 standard of care that any
 patient must be allowed to try any therapy they wish to try which is
 approved by the FDA esp. when other therapies ahve failed to achieve
 optimum results.  >>
- - Still believe that no matter how motivated a kid might be, the kid must have
the intellect to pump, solve problems, do estimations of carbs, quick
calculations, learn from prior experience, be in touch with his or her body,
know if something isn't working and try to figure it out.pumps have changed
physically but not operationally much. they are sure more reliable, no freaky
overdelivery now like in the past. I agree pumps operate themselves today,
just like cars do, you need not know about the knock sensor, oxygen sensor or
CO sensor in a car to drive it but it helps if you want to save gas its not
important if the pump uses a stepper motor or cv motor  spot
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