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[IP] Breastfeeding and subsequent diabetes in children

I have read a lot about this topic.

It has long been known that breastfed babies had a lower incidence of DM.  I 
assumed that breastmilk had a protective effect, the same protective effect 
that it gives your baby for many diseases and infections.  But it seems that 
it is the early introduction of cow's milk that leads to an increase in the 
incidence of childhood DM.  There have been several research papers published 
about this topic in recent years.  (Sorry can't cite the references--I only 
read them and file away in my brain).  

So,  breastfeed as long as you are able to, to best protect your child.  To 
delay cow's milk until 11 months of age is just fine for baby.  Of course 
this isn't always possible and we all do the best that we can for our kids 
with the circumstances we have.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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