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Those of you who battle with this disease everyday you have my thoughts and 
prayers that you somehow, someway DO feel normal. I think that with this 
disease it takes a lot more courage and strength to live that normal life. I, 
myself, a mother of a diabetic have lost my normal life, but it is what has 
been given to me and that is something that is my life. I love my daughter 
and watching her battle for that normal life over the last four years has 
been hard and yes there has been a lot of tears shed on my part. But if I 
give up on her having that normal life that we all stress for then who will 
see that she gets it? I do, however, feel that the pumps that you all have on 
you are what is the closes thing to being normal that you have. As what was 
stated before, you have a body that doesn't work like some of us, but you 
have the power to correct that and make sure that you do get what it takes to 
survive. I never once dreamed that it would be so hard and have so many 
mountains to conquer but each day that we do get through is a blessing. I 
have watched Natalee go through the most wonderful week of her life since 
getting her pump last Monday. She has a brightness in her eyes and the hope 
that she now will too have a normal life. At least as normal of a life that 
she can have. Please do not give up. I have a story of when Natalee was first 
diagnosed and to make it short I will just say that she asked me why she had 
to have this and my reply was...That God has his special Angels and that he 
has decided that you were wise enough and strong enough to carry this burden 
and teach those around you what it is like and that perhaps someday you will 
be able to help someone and make the world a wiser place. For we all are 
special we just have different differences.
Sorry to be so long but I had to say that tonight.
Mom to 13 yr. old Natalee...pumping since 5-07-01 with her MM508
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