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Re: [IP] breastfeeding/diabetic moms

I have three children.   Did not breast feed the first two and tried really
hard to bf the third.  Did real good for 6 weeks then medication complicated
milk production.  Fought really hard for another month... pumping, SNS,
etc... before giving up.  At 18 months she was diagnosed with diabetes.
Neither of my other children show any signs of diabetes.  Do I think that bf
less than 4 months CAUSED her diabetes?  No...  Could it have been one of
many contributing factors?  I think so.  So could her shots, the RSV she had
at 6 months, etc...  Nobody knows.  If they did, we could prevent diabetes.
Would I bf again?  Not if I had any doubts that I couldn't go at least 4

I would NEVER tell anyone they must or can't breastfeed that is a personal
decision.  I truly treasured my bf experience with Rachel.  But I can share
information which I have seen in medical studies which may assist someone in
this decision.  :-)

I did find the info on my computer if anyone wants to see it...  e me


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