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Michael wrote:

> You are not necessarily doing anything wrong.
> 1) Is Caitlyn's quality of life better?
> 2) does she have less high's and lows? (been to the er lately)
> 3) does she have more energy
> 4) doing better in school??
> well???....

1. Yes, we think definately think her quality of life is better
2. Less big time highs (over 300-400+), lows haven't been a bit more
frequent of late. Hasn't been to the ER since September... the 1st and
only time on the pump and only the 2nd including her diagnosis
3. Energy?  What 6 year old doesn't... I'm quite jealous actually ;-)
4. She had a BIG down period at school between January and March...
seems to be doing well now.

	I definately know everything is better.  Her 14 day average on her home
meter is 230...which is DEFIANTELY better than the 3,4 and 500's we had
been getting regularly without the pump.  I guess I was just expecting
even tighter control.  The Diabetes educator said the her current
reading just means she been in the 200's on average, which is still a
lot better the what she was doing without the pump...  I am sure that I
am more bummed than I should be. 


Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd @ 10 months, 6 and pumping since July 2000
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