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Re: [IP] Re: Magnetic Insoles

At 02:22 PM 5/15/2001 Karl Forehand Jr wrote:
 >I have read all the responses from Jim and now Andy about wanting to see
 >results of research about he effects of magnets. I was wondering if they had
 >tried magnets? We use magnets and they relieve discomfort from our aches and
 >pains. We tried them and they work. It seems like everyone needs to know if
 >there has been a scientific research project done.

That's because of the "placebo effect". It's been shown that many people 
get relief from an ailment when given a "placebo" (which has no medicine in 
it) and just told that it's a miracle drug. The mind is a very powerful 
instrument and we often find what we expect to find. That doesn't make it 
real, however.

In a "double-blind" scientific study, they would provide two sets of people 
shoes (for example) that look identical... except that one set had magnets 
and the other one didn't. Neither the subjects nor the people administering 
the test know which is which, so there is no way to tip off the test 
subjects. Then they measure the differences in the relief of pain symptoms, 
etc. If there is a measurable difference between the two sets of subjects, 
the scientific test would then show it. Then we'd know that it was a real 
effect, not illusionary. Apparently, so far these types of tests show no 
differences. So why pay extra for something that has no real benefits.

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