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Re: [IP] Employement Physical

Gary, I myself lost two jobs because of my diabetes.  I know it is illegal to 
do that but they the companies do it all the time.  I recently got a new job 
and chose not to tell the doctore on my pre-employment physical of my 
situation.  In the application, they ask:  Is there any reason why I cannot 
perfom any duties within my job description and I answered honestly, No there 
isn't but I did not tell them up from about my diabetes becuase of the same 
reason you are mentioning.  I was afraid of being discriminated against like 
I have before.  But once I got hired on, then I told my boss and co-workers 
and of course Human Resources becuase of the medical insurance issues.  But 
me myself, I wanted them to see and hire me for my skills and talents and not 
be swaid by diabetes in making there decision.  I  hope this helps a bit and 
good luck to your job search.  With whatever decision you make, it's your 
life and you know what's best for you only.  Knock em dead out there, they 
would be lucky to have you on board, jaki
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