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Re: [IP] The first week / Was: Something New from MiniMed

Furb, i tend to agree with you on most of what your saying.  We are 
diabetics, we do and will get forever lasting signs that we have diabetes and 
yes, some of the effects will never go away.  But one thing that will go away 
is our taking shots 10 times a day, trying to organize exercise, when we are 
going to eat, getting up early on the weekends to take test and shot and all 
the other inconveniences of that this wonderful disease has brought us.  I 
agree with you, this wonderful present we have been given is definately full 
of bad circumstances but with faith and just plain old hard work, we can make 
this life so worth living to the fullest, even with all the screwed up 
circumstances.  So you will get no bashing from this 33 yr old, 23 yrs of 
diabetes chick.  I will just take the good days and bad ones as they come, 
always knowing that I will keep kicking butt till the day I die.  talk soon, 
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