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Re: [IP] The Arrival of BabyZilla! (sorry so long)


In my opinion, for what its worth, Do not breast feed if you are having
problems.  I saw a study (I will try to send find it) that children who are
pre-disposed to diabetes are MORE likely to develop diabetes if breast fed
less than 4 months.  I have also talked to other mothers, and there seems to
be some accuracy to this study.  NOT saying all children bf less than 4
months do develop, but why take chances???

Mom to Rachel and Blossom, 3 3/4 yo, pumping 1+ mo.

> breast feeding with little success.  He won't latch on no matter what I
do.  I
> had four different nurses from the nursery come and try to help, I read
> books, and I watched two videos.  By the end of a session we are both in
> tears.  I decided to let him have formula and I pump enough milk to give
> as a supplement.  I don't think I can face the frustration and depression
> trying the other way again.
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