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> As it happened, 2 days before the test, I was running BG's between
> 400 and 500. took me 18 hrs. to get it back under control.   I truly
> believe that is why it was up to 8.3

Just as an aside comment -  YMMV - I've been trying to model my A1C values
against by daily BG numbers. For the best model I have so far if I insert
400 or 500 mg/dL as the daily average 2 days prior (rather than 124) the
calculated A1C jumps from 6.15 to 6.28 or 6.32%. Therefore I tend to doubt
that your excursion could fully explain an 8.3 (rather than 6 something). As
I said YMMV (a lot) and I may have this completely wrong.
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