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Re: [IP] "regular" pop

In a message dated 5/15/01 2:20:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I want him to still
> drink the diet stuff.  Do I have good reasons?  Is just being the Mom and "I
> say so" enough?  How have others handled this - is this a battle I want?  

     Having been a 'diabetic teenager' myself, I can tell you only from my 
experience. (I also consulted my Mom on this one) I was not on the pump until 
just recently and I was diagnosed at 11 years of age. I've have survived 
diabetes for just about 20 years now. I know that when a kid wants something, 
if Mom or Dad says no, they will find a way to get it somewhere else. My 
dietitian said that on the pump, if you have something that you want to eat, 
go ahead. I'm not saying to have it every day but if it's every once in a 
while, you should allow it. I know that I was constantly told "No and I'm the 
Mom and I said so" Hmmm... guess what?? I rebelled BIG TIME!! When I became a 
teenager and could go places without my parents, I ate what I wanted, drank 
what I wanted and didn't care about the consequences!! (Unfortunately, I'm 
paying for that now) I believe that if I had been allowed to have a treat 
once in a while, I wouldn't have had that desperate craving when I got older. 
  Oh, one other thing, I had a 'regular' soda (pop) just recently, I bolused 
just before I drank it and kept checking my bs like a mad woman. It didn't 
make my sugar go too high, I was 145 at the highest point.  Mom says she'd 
let him try it one time and see how it affects him. She also said that you 
will most likely have other battles as he gets older that is more serious 
than him wanting a soda (pop)   Of course, this is just our opinions!! :)
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