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Re: [IP] "regular" pop

> His point is - "I can bolus for this stuff."  I want him to still
> drink the diet stuff.  Do I have good reasons?  Is just being
> the Mom and "I say so" enough?  How have others handled this

I'm also on the pump and I feel I have a good handle on both my basal rates
and my bolus rates however I have clearly observed that I have more trouble
dealing with meals  over about 100-120 g carbs then I do with those less
than this. Therefore I am always watching to minimize the total carb level
and diet soda is a cheap (no pain) way to do it. If diet soda is available
there will almost always be other things to eat available that I would
prefer to consume the carbs on rather than regular soda.

I would suggest you not use the "I say so" approach but instead give it a
try and if the BG is not what he and you want then take the approach "well
that meal was a lot of carbs and it did not work too well. Perhaps you
should leave off the (hot dog, cake, extra potato, etc.) next time ... " It
does not take long to realize that leaving off regular soda is often a
preferred way to go.
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