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Re: [IP] update on link between A1C and BG average

The source Ragnar Hanas gives for this information is:
"Tahara, Y, Shima K. Kinetics of HBA1c, glycated albumin, and
fructosamine and analysis of their weight functions against
preceding plasma glucose levels. Diabetes Care 1995;18:440-47"

I'm not sure what a reasonable or acceptable difference would be
betweeb labs but it is to be expected that different labs will
give different results (from what I understand about different
labs and different methodology.) I've always been told that
results from different labs can't/shouldn't be compared. Could it
be that one is doing a calculated A1C while the other is doing a
measured A1C? We have to keep these things in mind. I asked our
dr what our lab used and they do a calculated A1C (calculated as
a percentage of the measured total glycosylated hemoglobin) but
he would like a measured A1C, which is more accurate and the
"gold standard" (but they are expensive and the military won't do
Wayne said:
Well, much of what one reads in these books is not based on very 
strong or current scientific evidence.  The A1C has been plagued
some uncertainties over the years, as witnessed by the lack of 
measurement standards in different labs.  My endo's lab ALWAYS
A1C measurments 0.2 - 0.4 higher than my internists lab, even for 
measurements taken a few days apart.

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