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[IP] Re: Employement Physical

In a message dated 5/15/01 12:40:17 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>The biggest thing I worry about is a pre employment
>physical. Do you openly admit your diabetes or do you remove your pump
>and hope to slide the fact past them?

An kind of lying in this situation can be grounds for termination of 
employment. If they ask you, you must be truthful. Don't volunteer the info 
unless they ask. Before the physical, they may provide a questionair which 
will ask health related questions. Also, they usually give urine tests to 
check for drugs. 

I have had the best luck in working for large companies where there are so 
many people that there are bound to be others with the same, and many other 
diseases. That way you sort of get lost in the crowd.

Good luck,
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