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Re: [IP] Employement Physical

> The biggest thing I worry about is a pre employment
> physical. Do you openly admit your diabetes or do you
> remove your pump and hope to slide the fact past them?
> I know they're not suppose to discriminate because of
> diabetes, but they can use any reason for not hiring me.
> If anyone can steer me on the physical exam question
> or any other area of my situation I would deeply appreciate
> your input.

Gary, I am in a similar situation. In my case as a chemist/technical
professional my diabetes has absolutely nothing to do with my ability to do
the job. At this point I do not see it as any business of a potential
employer and therefore do not/will not disclose it until after a firm
employment offer is made. At that point I will be completely honest with the
pre-employment examination and proceed from there.
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