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[IP] Good news/ Bad news

  Good news- is my A1C is 6.1 down from 8.7  3 months ago.   She was not
happy with the frequent lows ( in the 40's) so she is getting me on the pump
ASAP. Hooray!!!!  She said, 'the NPH is not working well for you.  I have
the new long acting insulin for you to try.'  I said,  'no I think I want a
pump.'  'OK, pick one', that was it.  ( I will put her on the list of pump
docs today)

She was very critical of a weight gain of 8lbs.  I can't win!!! If my A1C is
up my weight is lower.  At this point I'm more concerned with the A1C.  She
said I am feeding my insulin, DUH!

I am waiting for quotes from both Animas and MM to see which will cost me
the least out of pocket because I don't have very good insurance.  My
daughter found 8 four leaf clovers yesterday followed by a beautiful rainbow
over our house so I am being very optimistic.

Fingers crossed- Denise
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