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Re: [IP] Opinions Needed

>> , I think they'd rather the disease NOT
>> be cured. They'd go out of business, then what?
> i've been saying that for years!!  it's sad!!

OK. Steel helmet and other protective gear on! - WARNING THIS IS MY OPINION!

I disagree. I do not think it is sad at all. This is a good example of how a
free enterprise system works and works well with very beneficial outcomes.

The drug industry (and other health support industries) properly direct
their efforts and investments into areas that they judge to be profitable.
In this case some may give a higher priority to the profitability of
treatment than to the profitability a cure and therefore that is the area
that these for-profit free enterprise industries concentrate in. This is the
proper thing for these industries to do and ultimately very  beneficial us
(the diabetics) and to society.

By concentrating resources and investments in to areas that the free
enterprise companies expect to be profitable (treatment) there are at least
three major benefits:

1.    Treatment options are improved. Our life expectancies are increased
and the quality of our lives are improved. The number of specific examples
of this is large and has already been mentioned before.

2.    The infrastructure and scientific background necessary for those
working on a cure is maintained and enhanced. The companies working on
treatments are continually generating a library of results and knowledge
that is directly or indirectly beneficial to those working on an ultimate

3.    Profits and income are generated which generates a pool (i.e..
corporate and individual taxes) from which society and/or government can
invest in less profitable research and development that it chooses to

I do not believe that any free-enterprise industry (or individual) has a
duty or obligation to "cure" diabetes. They do have a responsibility to
remain active and viable (i.e.. profitable) so that the benefits listed
above can be derived. Society (i.e.. government perhaps) then has the option
to use the fruits of this profitable work to support and invest in less
profitable but beneficial areas (i.e.. cure).

The situation with diabetes is a good example of this free-enterprise model.
The benefits listed are being realized at a substantial rate. The place that
there is a failing and that we find so frustrating is that we (society) is
perhaps not doing a good job with supporting the non-free-enterprise, less
profitable work in #3 above. That failure however should not be
characterized as sad result of businesses not being interested in a cure.
The businesses may be doing their part correctly while the larger society is
failing to do the necessary things to make a cure happen.
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