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Re: [IP] update on link between A1C and BG average

Well, much of what one reads in these books is not based on very 
strong or current scientific evidence.  The A1C has been plagued with 
some uncertainties over the years, as witnessed by the lack of 
measurement standards in different labs.  My endo's lab ALWAYS gives 
A1C measurments 0.2 - 0.4 higher than my internists lab, even for 
measurements taken a few days apart.   Also new research being 
presented at next month's ADA meeting clearly shows that glycated Hb 
is undergoes chemical exchange, so that lower BG will decrease that 
bound to the red blood cells.  And the A1C is a pretty good estimate 
of an unweighted mean BG.  Also, I think other evidence now suggests 
that it is largely dominated by events in the past month, with almost 
nothing from 3 months ago.

<<<<<<<This is how I've understood it to be as well. The book
Insulin-Dependent Diabetes by Ragnar Hanas says that the 30 days
immediately prior to the A1C draw account for approx 50% of it,
days 30-60 account for approx 25% of it, days 60-90 account for
approx 15% of it, and days 90-120 account for approx 10% of it. >>>>>>>
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