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Re: [IP] Reply to Jessicas Mom and Lows and the other people

In a message dated 5/14/01 9:17:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Ive been pumping since 
> August and am just now finding that my a1c is improving and my Dr. just 
> told 
> me today that this pump stuff takes time and we all seem to be in such a 
> hurry for it to work immediately. So please be patient and do not even 
> think 
> of quitting the pump. I noticed a great improvement after about 8 months
> Ditto this! I started pumping last May, then got an unexpected full-time 
> job in July, and my learning curve came to a screeching halt. I just kept 
> with what I was doing - and it was OK - but I finally realized I can use 
> this little piece of equipment MUCH better - (also had a BIG scare/wake up 
> call in February) So I'm back - almost at square one - rereading Pumping 
> Insulin book, charting all my numbers (always kept my log - but doing food, 
> graphs etc).  then have been making changes to my basal rates (nighttime - 
> think most of my difficulties lie there) and this means even going back to 
> those WONDERFUL (NOT) 3 am BG checks.  So it's a day to day - and you may 
> take some time off from tweeking like I did and then hit it hard - so don't 
> despair.  You can do it!
> Linda &
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