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[IP] Re: the arrival of Baby Zilla! (sorry so long)

In a message dated 5/14/01 8:49:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 I knew somebody (also type 1) who used a little bottle with formula hung 
 upside down attached to a tube and then somehow attached to the nipple for 
 breastfeeding. So, her baby got both breast milk and formula at the same 
 time. I suppose you could pump breast milk, put it on the contraption I've 
 described (usually used for those with not enough milk) and maybe he would 
 get the idea of where the milk comes from! >>

Its called the SNS (supplemental nursing system) and the tube is just taped 
to your breast with a medical tape.  I used it when Claire was born.

Congrats Sherry!!!

If you are keen on nursing, please try to contact a Lactation Consultant.  
They should be able to come to your home to help you.  I had the exact same 
problems with my first little guy and I cried and cried in frustration and 
tiredness.  The nurse looked at me in disgust.    It was all a matter of 
getting him positioned properly, which is harder after a C-section--try using 
a pillow on your lap, and make sure his little body is completely horizontal 
and he is not having to crank his neck around.  Using a bottle can lead to 
nipple confusion--its a different type of mouth movement required.  You can 
also use a large syringe, with tubing taped onto your thumb and he will suck 
your thumb with the same jaw movements as feeding from the breast.  Claire 
was fed this way for several weeks, as she was unable to breastfeed.

Good luck.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7.  
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