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[IP] The first week / Was: Something New from MiniMed

From: "Furbee Kevin" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] The first week / Was: Something New from MiniMed


   I just started my MM508 one week ago, after 8.5 years of daily shots, i
have to be honest as a 34 year old male who is physically active this thing
is pretty cool, but at the same time, i still feel like i am connected to
something, actually I am what am i saying, anyhow, like anything new it will
take some time i guess to forget that this thing is always attached but the
simple fact is the pump will help your long term complications, as for
everyone else talking about a cure, forget that, it is impossible, yes an
implantable pump is on the way from MM, but the damage already sustained to
your body from diabetes can never be reversed.  Not to sound negative folks
but let's not forget the simple fact, we are all diabetic, what you the
individual can do is minimize the effects of this disease and try and live a
successful, happy, existence.

I am probably going to get slammed now,, oh boy!
Later all,
 just be glad you got one, freedom and better control comes with a tether or a
boat anchor depending on your point of view..your reaction is normal. no
slamming for normal psychiatric function spot
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