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[IP] Opinions Needed

From: "Laura L. Shapiro" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Opinions Needed

Will not bias this with any opinion on my own, but I would surely
appreciate some views on this article:
www.diabetesincontrol.com/features/perfectdisease.htm. Some of us are
involved in a discussion on this, and I would like more opinions.
There are other diseases that are perfect too, epilepsy, patients need drug
levels, monitoring, physician supervision, occasional expensive testing, ct
scans and stuff like that.Be thankful that all of the stuff is available for
us, my docs, some of whom know me since medical school do not think that my
disease is perect.It is a rotten disease that does get worse with time, even
type 1 diabetes gets worse and that is when the honeymoon is over, now we have
drugs that prolong the honeymoon. what we should be looking for is not a cure
but an imunization so we don't get the disease. once you have it a cure is
really tough. no kid should ever get this disease, kid includes adults too.i
work in the area of why cells get the death signaling complex which tells them
it is time to die.I made money at this too when I worked. It is key to
diseases like certain cancers as well.spot
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