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[IP] Bent cannula question

From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Bent cannula question

> The last 2 times Andrea has changed her infusion set (Silhouettes),
> the cannula has a little kink at the end - which is probably why she
> has been running high.  She has been using her thigh.  I called
> Minimed & they suggested a shallower insertion angle and to really
> pinch the skin.  Good advice I think - should she also - (1) be
> moving more to the side/back of her thigh? - I noticed that she is
> just barely on the side.  (2)  Also, does it make a difference if
> the set goes in up & down or across the muscle?

Across the muscle is better for Lily -- soccer player
She puts her set all the way around in back on top of her buttocks.
email @ redacted
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Pinch and insert into the skin roll almost at no angle. it will be at the
proper angle after you push it in.inseting with the muscle fibers is more
natural  after insertion the angle will be correct and it is less probable
that the cannula will crimp. spot
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