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Re: [IP] update on link between A1C and BG average

This is how I've understood it to be as well. The book
Insulin-Dependent Diabetes by Ragnar Hanas says that the 30 days
immediately prior to the A1C draw account for approx 50% of it,
days 30-60 account for approx 25%X-Mozilla-Status: 0009ount for
approx 15% of it, and days 90-120 account for approx 10% of it. 

I hope this is true! My daughter's bgs have been wonderful lately
- - the best they *ever* been in almost 5yrs of D and 1 1/2yrs of
pumping. I can't wait to see what her A1C is like in a couple of

Carl said:
Not an expert at all, but I believe that the weighting is not
between the
high bg levels and the low, but in the
Timespand of the red blood cells themselves. The avg lifespan of
red blood
cells is about 6-12 weeks, and the way I understand it, the HgA1c
weighted towards measuring the last 3 weeks. Therefore the A1c is
a 3 month
average, but weighted on the tail end of the curve.

JMO - very likely wrong...

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