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Re: [IP] The Arrival of BabyZilla! (sorry so long)

First of all, congratulations! I was just wondering about you and
had a feeling BabyZilla had arrived! :) Glad to hear everything
turned out fine! Great name, by the way!
Secondly, with the latch problems, has anyone ever considered
tongue-tie? A couple of women on another list I'm on recently had
babies with this problem and it created lots of nursing/latch
problems until they got their frenulum clipped. Didn't sound like
it was too big of a deal to have it done. MiX-Mozilla-Status: 0009nvestigate. If not, he'll do just fine with what you're doing.
PS...that thing Melanie was talking about is called a
Supplemental Nursing System, or SNS. Many lactation consultants
and La Leche League groups (and some drs, etc) have those, if
you're interested.
Off to see the picture (I'm sure he's a cutie!)

Sherry said:
I've been trying 
breast feeding with little success.  He won't latch on no matter
what I do.  I 
had four different nurses from the nursery come and try to help,
I read three 
books, and I watched two videos.  By the end of a session we are
both in 
tears.  I decided to let him have formula and I pump enough milk
to give him 
as a supplement.  I don't think I can face the frustration and
depression of 
trying the other way again. 

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Take care, Kerri  
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