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Re: [IP] D-tron question

>From what I remember from DTRON pump trainers training in Dec and
from the manual that I have, you can change the bolus increments
to .1 (in the setup menu) so your standard bolus doesn't have to
stay at .5u. You are correct that the vibrations can't be turned
off, only the beeps. Probably does drain the batteries a little
faster. I like the way they did the power pack for the DTRON
(much better than the HTRON). My daughter wants the DTRON but
we've only been pumping a year and a half so the insurance
wouldn't go for it, I'm sure. 

Jackie said:
I really like the 0.1 increments on the scroll bolus as well as
the 0.5
standard bolus.  Best of both worlds.  Am I also correct in
thinking the
vibrating can't be turned off?  Does it and the always on LCD
cause quicker battery drain?

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