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Re: [IP] A cure 5-10 years away

I feel the same way. I have had it all my life!!!! I have heard it all my 
life - the cure is just around the corner. yeah right. i hate to sound 
negative - but i think the "industry" is just making too much money. think 
about how much one bottle of humalog cost. think about how much of it you 
use. now multiply that just by the people on this chatroom and the people 
you know with it. that is just the tip of iceburg. we are talking about a 
billion dollar industry down the tubes. who do you think the corporate world 
is looking out for. you - ha yeah right. try thier own pocket books. they 
will hold out with the cure for as long as possible. you can live with 
diabetes (as we all know) it may not be great but it can be done. so what is 
the rush.
>At 03:53 PM 5/14/01 -0400, you wrote:
>>I was told that same thing the day I was diagnosed.  It's funny, when I
>>was first diagnosed 12 years ago, they told me a cure was on the way,
>>etc...being diabetic isn't that bad...you can live a completely normal
>>life...blah, blah, blah.  Then a couple years later, they were telling me
>>I was going to die before I was 20 from all these complications.  Now a
>>cure is still "just around the corner," but I just don't know WHAT to
>>believe anymore.
>5 to 10 years is long enough to believe "it's not that long" and far enough
>out for most to not remember it was said... Frustrating part is the "isn't
>that bad" tends to come from the people who don't need to "live it"...
>>At the same time, even though I curse this disease multiple times a day, I
>>must admit, things have come a long way.  I was just talking with my
>>boyfriend last night about how amazing the new meters and pumps are, and
>>remembering my humongous Accucheck and very large needles.  I can't
>>imagine how you folks feel who were dx'ed before they used finger
>>testing.  I suppose there is cause for joy after all.
>In a lot of ways diabetes was easier a lot of years ago - Not the medical,
>but the emotional.
>"back then" being diabetic was not grounds to being refused a personal life
>insurance policy. (70s)
>There were at least 10 companies that would write health insurance policies
>til the early 80s.
>Prior to the "technology" diabetes was the cause of the complications, now
>its "not taking care of themselves"...
>Now we can simply not test if it will remind us of our "imperfections"...
>Only positive things are talked about because "I" can't do what "everyone
>else" is able to do.
>We want to believe that technology will fix everything at the same time we
>are unwilling to admit anything is "broken".
>Technology simply gives us a different set of thing we need to deal with -
>though to some it is much less unacceptable than the alternatives....
>We strive for diabetes perfection, many times at the cost our emotional
>self care.
>Jim S.
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