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: [IP] Re: insulin pumps and magnetic insoles

>use two pair of the plain flat cushioned sole
>inserts in my shoes

         Have tried different "plain cushioned sole inserts" from thin to 
the thickest I can find. Have been able to find any that are real 
comfortable in shoes and they seem to have a tendency to "bunch up" by the 
end of the day...causing discomfort.

>We're on a slab foundation and invested in underlayment and decent carpeting.
>Many of the wood flooring kits also recommend a plywood underlayment before
>the installation of their product.

         Since we do not own the house we are living in; are unable to do 
anything about the flooring.
         And, I have tried a lot of different types of shoes; have not worn 
anything with a "heel" on it in so many years I can not remember. I try to 
wear shoes with good insoles, arch supports, etc. I find the hardest thing 
about comfortable shoes is the weight of a lot of shoes on the market.
         Have worn sport shoes, jogging shoes, walking shoes...both 
expensive and inexpensive. Now, as a last resort; have made up my mind to 
try the magnetic insoles. May be wasting my money; but no more than I have 
already wasted on shoes and other products. :-)
         Talked to Tech Support at Disetronic today, maker of my pump, and 
was told that as long as the gauss rating was not above 1000; the magnetic 
insoles would not cause any problems with the pump. Of course, you don't 
want to remove the pump, "store it in a shoe with an insole" while 
swimming. That has not been tested!
         Hope to have my insoles within the next 7-10 days and will update 
how I think they are working.
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