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Re: [IP] Opinions Needed

In a message dated 5/14/01 7:34:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I would like more opinions

WOW, what an article.  I think it was filled with a lot of interesting 
information. (Never knew the amount of $ that is spent on diabetes related 
stuff)  I think for most, it would be somewhat educational.  However, and of 
course, this is ONLY my opinion, the part of the article that said something 
about companies not wanting to find a cure, bothered me.  I don't think that 
anyone with any kind of disease likes hearing that sort of thing.  As 
unnerving as it sounded though, I agree with it.  20 years ago, I was told 
there'd be a cure before I became an adult. (whether or not I act like one, I 
am one, where's my cure??)  I tend to think that the FDA will never approve a 
cure (isn't it them who will have to approve it?) because the longer diabetes 
is around, the more money they will make. True? Companies will continue to 
apply to them for approval and therefore, spend tons of money on their 
products.  I'd say even though there is a lot of new products introduced 
every year by many different companies, I think they'd rather the disease NOT 
be cured. They'd go out of business, then what?
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