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[IP] The Arrival of BabyZilla! (sorry so long)

I know I've been absent from the list for awhile.  BabyZilla, aka William 
Sean, was born May 8 at 12:58 PM by c-section and weighed in at 7 lb 10 oz and 
19 inches long. His picture is posted on the hospital website at www.mcbg.org.
 He would be the only Sean born on May 8.  And of course he's the cutest baby 
there. :)
They were watching me very closely for toxemia because my bp was fluctuating 
and I was swelling and had protein in my urine which they thought could be 
from an infection.  They started my on a 24 hour urine collection with the 
intention of scheduling surgery for the 10th if needed. Well, the morning of 
the 8th, 2 hours into my collection, my water broke.  I guess he had his own 
schedule in mind.  Since they still thought he was close to 9 pounds at 3 
weeks early and had a large chest size, we went ahead with the c-section. 
Despite all my fears, he was just fine.  He didn't have any respiratory 
problems and didn't need an IV of glucose or anything.  I've been trying 
breast feeding with little success.  He won't latch on no matter what I do.  I 
had four different nurses from the nursery come and try to help, I read three 
books, and I watched two videos.  By the end of a session we are both in 
tears.  I decided to let him have formula and I pump enough milk to give him 
as a supplement.  I don't think I can face the frustration and depression of 
trying the other way again. 
I have had a lot of trouble with my bg levels since his delivery.  I got 
pregnant almost immediatly, within a week or so, of when I started pumping, 
and I have no idea what my correct basals and carb ratios really are.  So far 
I alternate between 200's and hypos with no pattern. I guess my hormones are 
still out of whack. It may be awhile before I get it right.  In fact, we had 
an early morning visit with the paramedics this morning when my husband found 
me unconcious with my jaw locked. I am turning down my basals and letting 
myself run a little high now until I figure out what to do. 
And of course my belly is a mass of jelly that feels like I did 3000 sit-ups 
on a dare. No muscle tone at all.
I may not check my email very often.  Every other day or so most likely. But I 
will try to keep up!
I'll let you know if I need to unsubscribe for awhile.
I'm enjoying the baby despite being tired all day.  I swear he's a vampire!  
He sleeps all day, stays up all night, and tries to bite you when you burp 

Sherry C