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Re: [IP] Does Giving Insulin solve it all? (POLL---please help!)


  This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua.   NO NO NO  insulin is not the only thing 
that you, as a parent of a diabetic child, have to be concerned about.  
Regulation of that insulin is the BIG concern.  Since the body's regulatory 
system, ie: the pancreas, stopped functioning on our kids, an outside source 
for insulin needs to be utilized.  But there is still no regulatory system 
available to duplicate the body's previous system.  The pump is CLOSE but it 
is still not an exact system so there are risks involved.  But it is getting 
closer.  Until the closed looped system is developed, AND perfected for the 
kids, this will ALWAYS be a problem...no regulation!

  Your child, like mine, needs to be constantly monitored and the insulin 
adjusted on a regular basis.  THIS is the REAL problem....regulating the 
insulin doses to conform to the body's needs.

I hope this helps!!  Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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