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Re: [IP] Does Giving Insulin solve it all? (POLL---please help!)

You go, girl!  ;)

Be sure to tell them about hypos, and that your son can have seizures or 
even death if he goes too low!  Ask ADA for some stats on 
deaths/coma/seizures from hypoglycemia.  Not only that, but if he is not 
given exactly the right dose, he could go too high and not realize it until 
he has ketones, etc if he does not constantly monitor himself.  As a 
rebellious college student away from home, I was hospitalized 2 times in 6 
months for ketoacidosis becaise I just took my insulin and didn't bother to 
monitor myself.  I was throwing up and in the emergency room (and cost my 
insurance company a ton of $$$!), even though I took my 4 shots a day right 
on schedule.  The reasons?  Insulin gone bad, the common cold, 
underestimating how much food I really ate... And if your son is on the 
pump, there are twice as many things that can go wrong.  Tell them all the 
grisly details about possible complications with kidneys, heart, nerves, 
eyes, circulation, etc.  Have your son's endo write a letter stressing the 
need to monitor feet, eyes, and all that, and the importance of blood 
testing.  Also, you could get a financial statement from your insurance 
company to show how much money is needed for proper care. ADA or Joslin 
would have some stats on complications and how much money is spent for 
diabetes care.  Check their websites for email addys or phone numbers.  GOOD 

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