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Re: [IP] A cure 5-10 years away

I was told that same thing the day I was diagnosed.  It's funny, when I was 
first diagnosed 12 years ago, they told me a cure was on the way, 
etc...being diabetic isn't that bad...you can live a completely normal 
life...blah, blah, blah.  Then a couple years later, they were telling me I 
was going to die before I was 20 from all these complications.  Now a cure 
is still "just around the corner," but I just don't know WHAT to believe 

At the same time, even though I curse this disease multiple times a day, I 
must admit, things have come a long way.  I was just talking with my 
boyfriend last night about how amazing the new meters and pumps are, and 
remembering my humongous Accucheck and very large needles.  I can't imagine 
how you folks feel who were dx'ed before they used finger testing.  I 
suppose there is cause for joy after all.

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