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[IP] D-tron question - now I have the answer

Anyone else who might have had the same question I had this weekend about how 
to get a units remaining read out, I called technical assistance for the 
answer.  Well, you can't get a read on it.  The pump knows how much you have 
left and will alert you when you are down to 20 units, but it won't share the 
info with you before that point.  The tech did tell me that when you are up 
to the last black line, you have 30-35 units left.  It's not a big deal, but  
I'm a little disappointed by this because I like to plan out when my set 
change might be based on how many days worth I have left.  Oh well, I still 
like the d-tron and it really isn't all that bulky.  I might actually prefer 
the long, narrow shape as it seems to fit in pockets (especially the ones 
I've sewed into the inside of my jammies) more easily.
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