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[IP] Does giving insulin solve it all? - NO!

Shelly, I would make sure to point out that insulin is only life support  and 
in no way does it make everything fine.  We are all still susceptible to 
seizures, even possible death due to low blood sugars.  We are also 
susceptible to all types of complications (kidneys, eyes, heart, nerve, and 
on and on) if our blood sugar is too high.  And no two days are exactly the 
same, so the dosage usually varies every day.  This is what makes testing 
often so necessary to try and keep the above mentioned risks to a minimum.  
Uncontrolled diabetes definitely leads to a shortened life and serious 
complications.  So, I absolutely feel that just taking insulin does not make 
everything fine.  This is not a one size fits all disease, and there is no 
quick and easy solution.
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