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[IP] The first week / Was: Something New from MiniMed

At 18:42 5/13/01, you wrote:
>Peter:  I am getting the pump in about 2 months, so tell me I am dying to
>know,  what changes can you feel already from getting the pump?  Better,
>worse, is it a real hard adjustment?  Great luck to you and your future.  Let
>me know, thanks jaki
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Let's see, how has it changed my life for the positive in only 1 week?  If 
you have a couple of hours, I'll tell you.

In the two weeks BEFORE I received the pump I began to test more and 
correct for high bg's with a new formula (new for me :-)  ) and also 
correct for meal carbohydrates.  Just by using syringes, I dropped 100 
points off my averages (and lost 3 pounds!!!) and began to have incredible 
amounts of energy I can't remember having.  My a1c pre pump was 11.9.

Now that I have my pump running,  I have the same great averages (about 
160, and yes, I am thrilled at 160, compared to where I was previously).

I know that my averages will go down once I get basal rates tuned up and 
refine my carbohydrate:insulin ratio.

My bg's are more predictable because I got rid of the Ultra Lente 2 x 
day.  (I rarely took the dose at the same exact time, usually within a 4 
hour period, which created havoc with my basal rate.)

I take my insulin on time because I don't have to go get my syringes, draw 
the dose and hide somewhere to shoot.  As most of my meals during the week 
are at work, logistics of crawling into a corner to take my shots were 
usually difficult at best.
I can now take a dose at the cafeteria table, and even if someone knows 
what I am doing, they do not mind.
Most of the time people think I am reviewing pages.  I don't know why they 
don't notice the hose coming out of the "pager" but, I don't really care.  :-)

(An added advantage is that I look really important carrying TWO pagers!)

I am very comfortable wearing the infusion set.  I seldom  notice I have it 
on.  I have the soft set.  My only difficulty (hardly worth mentioning) is 
finding the right height on my abdomen to not be bothered by my underwear 
elastic and waistband on my pants, which hit me in two different areas.  I 
continue to experiment.

I am also still experimenting with how to sleep with the pump on.  Although 
I have not lost a second of sleep due to the pump or the infusion set, I am 
not entirely sure of what to wear to clip the pump on.

I think the most important thing I cannot describe is actually having hope 
of getting my Bg's closer to normal, which I have been failing at for the 
last 10 years.

I could go on and on, but I won't.  If you have any specific questions, 
please feel free to ask.


Some days are just not worth chewing through the restraints to participate 
in. ;-)
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