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Re: [IP] Dupuytrens Contracture

In a message dated 5/14/01 10:04:07 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< They are not a great problem and they do 
seem to subside over time and then return (the nodules, not contraction)   >>

My old surgeon had suggested massaging Vitamin E oil into the palm going up 
to the nodule -- which also was soothing for the trigger-finger surgical 
scars <gr.>.  The nodules I have had that were painful all went away within a 
few months on their own, and I haven't noticed any new ones in probably 10 
years or so (I'm not sure if the ones I still have are nodules or surgical 
scars).  I am inclined to attribute this to pretty much continuous 
improvement in blood sugar control since the advent of home blood glucose 
monitoring.  I would not be surprised if the manipulation (opening and 
closing) of the fingers I do when triggering threatens was also helping the 

Linda Z
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